About Us

CAMNET TV is a Christian community Television Station that was established on the 7th of September 2016 in Lusaka, Zambia and has been running and drawing views since then. CAMNET TV has since been making headways by being the first Zambian channel to cover the Continent of Africa, parts of Europe and Asia in its 2nd year as a trial for the preparation of the coming signal that is to be undertaken by the station to carry its signal to all parts of the globe. CAMNET TV has been living up to its slogan “NOT JUST ANOTHER CHANNEL” Since 2017 when it was one of the first privately owned Television stations to be given a slot on the DSTV and GOtv bouquet and has also been the only station in the country to have gone continental on the free to air bouquet.

Why the station exist

Pastor Chiluba realizes that spreading the kingdom of heaven involves many aspects of behavioral alignment in society and that many such message elements cannot be achieved entirely through church sermons only but through a variety of drama and entertainment channeled on television medium. He also realizes that from another perspective, establishing of the television station will be a positive way of contributing to employment creation in the Zambian/global economy. By and large, seeing a television channel with a politically and socially neutral disposition is his driving desire

The promoter also realizes that the Zambian economic growth is on the upswing with many competing companies coming up, a scenario demanding for more openings in the advertising industry. Establishing a television platform with a forward looking plan that embraces the growing economy is, therefore, a timely and worthwhile venture. CAMNET provides a mixture of international and home grown programs with particular attention to the depiction of good morals and cultural dispositions over the globe while realizing community value for the sustainability of the station.